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How 4NX Ltd Works


You choose how 4NX works for you. Orders can be placed over the phone, by fax, email or in the near future through the 4NX online system.


First, you will have to open an account with 4NX. There are no charges to set up or maintain an account with 4NX — just a simple account application that you complete and send in.


Once your account is opened, you contact your Account Manager to get a current exchange rate. (You can also sign up for the online system if you prefer to look up rates and post orders yourself). If you are ready to proceed with the transaction, your Account Manager will verify the rate and the amount that you must pay 4NX. You have now agreed this ‘Trade’.


The next step is to provide wire or delivery instructions for the transaction which is normally done by fax or e-mail. Once the instructions have been added to your order 4NX will send you a confirmation that you should review for accuracy, sign and return to us.