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4NX Ltd is a young company committed to establishing itself as a leader in the competitive world of foreign exchange by identifying and exceeding the expectations of our clients.


This philosophy means quality advice and quality service which, in turn, means satisfaction to even the most demanding of clients through our efficient and flexible approach.


4NX Ltd endeavours to stabilize the unpredictable global currency market and as a consequence ensure that our customers spend less time concerning themselves with international payments and more time running their business.


Our flexible approach to our customers allows us to meet their changing requirements keeping them on the competitive edge of the market.


Partner with 4NX Ltd today and let us show you how our unique approach to our customers can help your company excel.


4NX Ltd is a financially secure company that meets the licensing requirements of the Foreign Exchange industry. 4NX is committed to maintaining an excellent compliance policy and play its part in the worldwide anti-money laundering effort. This means 4NX rigorously observes the compliance and reporting regulations of every jurisdiction where we operate protecting us as a company and you, our customers.


Companies that fail to comply with the rules and regulations governing our industry can be subject to large fines and even criminal investigation. Aside from ethical concerns, this increases the cost of doing business which ultimately is passed along to customers. 4NX has procedures and policies in place to make sure we are never used as a vehicle for unlawful activity so you never have to pay this kind of premium and you know you are dealing with a safe and responsible organization. It is our opinion that a reliable compliance policy is, by its very nature, an extension of excellent customer service.