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Welcome to 4NX Ltd


We are a new and innovative company specializing in payment services for companies, individuals and institutions who conduct business internationally.


The services we offer include payment services, for example wires and bank drafts, financial risk management services including forward contracts, regular payments and consignment holding accounts. We have the flexibility to tailor our services and identify the specific needs of each client whether corporate or personal and then exceed your expectations.


4NX Ltd offers competitive exchange rates that will provide savings to your bottom line and increase your profitability but we think you will find it is our efficient and flexible approach that truly sets us apart from other foreign exchange service providers. Every 4NX client whether corporate or personal is assigned a specific account manager to advise on all aspects of your foreign exchange needs. On your behalf, the Account Manager will scrutinize the market, offer invaluable advice when it comes to placing an order and show you how our unique approach will help protect you against your foreign exchange risk. In time, you will find that your Account Manager’s direct line will become an invaluable business tool that will assist you in reaching your objectives and expectations.


Each client is different when it comes to foreign exchange and this is important to 4NX. We realize that each client has different purpose for moving money internationally and to this end 4NX can process payments in every major global currency with the experience to ensure that all our customers receive the highest standards of service.


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